Captains Cottage
A Unique Beach Holiday for all the family

Terms & Conditions

Basis of hire and responsibility of Principal Guest

(A) The Captain’s Cottage is hired on the understanding that the accommodation is for holiday use only and that no right to remain in the accommodation exists for the Principal Guest or anyone in the Principal Guest’s party. In no circumstances may the number of people accommodated in the property exceed the number stipulated in the description of The Captain’s Cottage which is 8 adults plus 2 children; i.e. a maximum total of 10.

(B) The Captain’s Cottage is not available for groups of “Schoolies”, or where the majority of the party are aged under 21.

(C) The person who signs the Booking Form is the Principal Guest and accepts full responsibility, on behalf of all persons included in the Booking Form, as well as any other person subsequently substituted or included at a later date as part of the Principal Guest’s party, to be bound by these Conditions of Hire.

(D) The Principal Guest also confirms that they are aged over 21 and are a member of the party that will be occupying The Captain’s Cottage for the whole duration of the booking period.

(E) Whilst The Principal Guest’s party are in residence in The Captain’s Cottage the Principal Guest shall be liable for both themselves and any other member of their party in respect of any loss or damage caused to any person or property, arising as a result of their negligence or wilful misconduct.

(F) Unless otherwise agreed with the Owner occupancy cannot be taken up until 2.00pm on the first day of the booking period and departure must be by 10.00am on the final day.

Acceptance of booking, payment of bond, deposit/balance of charges and cancellation

(A) Bookings will only be accepted in writing on the Owner’s official booking form

(B) The Captain’s Cottage will not be considered to be reserved until the Owner has received the original of a signed booking form plus the deposit. The Owner will then issue a booking confirmation and receipt for the deposit paid.

(C) A deposit equating to 10% of the rental costs for the booking period must be provided with the completed booking form to secure a valid booking. Note: In the event that a booking confirmation cannot be provided by the Owner immediately following receipt of the booking form then the 10% deposit will be immediately refunded.

(D) For bookings occurring during December and January the balance of the rental costs must be paid prior to 30 November. For any other booking periods the balance of the rental costs must be paid at least 14 days prior to the commencement date of the booking.

(E) In the event of cancellation of a booking prior to receipt by the Owner of the 90% balance of the rental costs due then, in such circumstances, the 10% deposit shall be forfeit unless transferred and used as an advance deposit payment towards the rental costs to secure an alternative booking period occurring within the following 12 months (subject to the requested booking period being available).

(F) In the event of cancellation of a booking, following receipt by the Owner of the full 100% payment of the rental costs due then, in such circumstances, if we are able to secure a replacement booking for the cancelled period, a 90% refund shall be provided. Alternatively if no replacement booking is secured then 50% of the rental charges shall be forfeited and the remaining 50% shall also be forfeited unless transferred and used as an advance deposit payment towards the rental costs to secure an alternative booking period occurring within the following 12 months (subject to the requested booking period being available).

(G) Non payment by the due date of the balance of the rental costs due will be treated as a cancellation and the Owners may relet the property without further reference to the Principal Guest. No reminder of the due date of any outstanding balance will be sent. The balance due date is on the Receipt for Deposit Form.

(H) All payments may be made by direct deposit, cheque or money order. Cheques and money orders should be made payable to Mrs L B Kimmings.

Standard of Conduct and Care of the Captain’s Cottage

(A) It is the responsibility of the Principal Guest to leave The Captain’s Cottage in a clean and tidy condition. The kitchen should be clean with all plates, cutlery and utensils cleaned and put away as you found them. The BBQ plate and surrounds must be left in a clean state. Please do not move furniture.

(B) Any damages occurring to the property or its furniture and fittings during the period of hire shall be the responsibility of the Principal Guest, unless it can be shown to be the direct result of normal fair wear and tear. A current inventory list and condition report of the attractive and portable items (including such things as the video/DVD library, primary furniture and fittings etc) forming part of the overall furnishings and fittings of The Captain’s Cottage will be provided at the commencement of the booking period in the information folder. Note: If you notice any major defects upon check in please notify Lynne immediately BEFORE your first night stay so as not to be held responsible for any pre existing damage etc.

(C) Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside The Captain’s Cottage. However, smoking is permitted within the screened sunroom, as well as the screened covered deck and open decks. The cottage is 95% of wooden construction. Smoke alarms are fitted and fire extinguishers are provided. For fire safety reasons the use of candles anywhere is prohibited. An emergency torch is provided.

(D) The owners of The Captain’s Cottage want you to have an exceptionally enjoyable experience whilst staying in the property. Should you have any concerns about any aspect of your stay please contact us immediately so that an on-the-spot investigation can be made and if necessary remedial action taken to fix the problem. In no circumstances will compensation be made for issues raised after the holiday has ended, by which time the Owners would have been prevented from taking the opportunity to investigate the concerns and endeavour to put matters right during the start of the holiday.

(E) The Owners reserve the right to inspect the premises at any time

(F) The Captain’s Cottage is in a quiet suburban street. Please respect the rights of the neighbours for peace and quiet by keeping noise levels down, particularly after 11.00pm. The Owners reserve the right to evict tenants without compensation who are reported to the police for illegal activities, including disturbing the peace.

(G) The cottage incorporates an outdoor open spa pool. For health and safety reasons tenants are asked to keep the spa covered when not in use with the cover securely fastened. Operational instructions and chemicals for the spa are provided. Children are not to walk or jump on the spa cover please. It is not designed to be able to tolerate such misuse.

Inclusions and Exclusions

(A) The Captain’s Cottage is fully self contained and comes complete, excluding bed linen and bath towels.

(B) Initial supplies of coffee, teabags, sugar and long life milk are provided.

(C) There are no facilities provided for baby’s cots, bedding or equipment.

(D) Tenants are required to provide their own bed linen and all towels etc. Kitchen tea towels and bathroom mats are provided as part of the cottage furnishings. If required bed linen and bath towels can be supplied at an additional charge of $35 per Queen/Double bed set and $25 per single bed set.

(E) Tenants will need to bring their own beach towels and sunscreen lotion.


One pet per booking may be brought to The Captain’s Cottage.

(A) Tenants will need to bring appropriate food and drink containers for their Pet. The Pet must be kept under control at all times and must not be left alone in the property (Unless locked in the Sunroom which is acceptable).

(B) Long Beach is subject to local Council rules concerning the walking of dogs with some areas of the beach requiring dogs to be on leads etc. Details of these requirements are provided in the cottage information folder.